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We asked 163 rangatahi what Zeal is to them. Here’s what they said

To measure impact and improve, we asked 163 young people to share their experience of Zeal, their challenges and aspirations in our Annual Zeal Survey. Our survey covers activities at Zeal to mental health and the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns. Check out some of the highlights for 2021 below.

The report shows

  • How rangatahi at Zeal describe their experience, and why they come back
  • What they think of Zeal staff and the support they get
  • The most common ways they get involved in our community
  • How they are navigating mental health and COVID-19 lockdowns
  • What they want to see out of future lockdown support

97% of young people say Zeal has had a positive impact on them


of young people feel supported and cared for at Zeal


of young people say Zeal helped them find or connect with other places of support or good advice


of young people feel they can approach staff if they have a problem

Rather than spending afternoons doing stupid things, I have a crew of people that I can talk to and hang out with. People to receive wisdom and or suggestions from"

From the first day I started going, I have grown exponentially. I don't know where I would be personally. The people and opportunity give me purpose, they help activate my full potential"

When I first started at zeal I was in a bad place but since going there I’ve been able to find help and get better and now I’m just vibing through life and it’s a time"

When I am at Zeal - I feel happy. Helping out there gives me such a positive vibe and makes me feel like I am making worthy contributions in my life"

It’s mainly opened doors I didn't know existed and now I’m seizing all those opportunities"

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In one sentence, how would you describe Zeal?


Best place I’ve been to ain’t gonna lie

Home ️❤️

A kind and giving place with
special people that always have your back no matter what



A place where anyone and everyone is welcome and you can be yourself at all times.

A safe space and
second home


It is a place where you can go to feel safe and supported by staff and zeal youth 😊

Awesome vibe with lots of opportunities

A community whānau for young people to feel supported and uplifted


Free kai and vibes, come
hang out g

A happy safe place with an
amazing whānau

My safe space



My second family

It’s mean as

Zealicious. Warm environment with a lot of really cool adults I can talk to literally about anything. Good chats. Chur.

Zeal is a family

The ultimate zombie survival crew 😎

If u need someone to talk to and ur hungry

The best place ever! I can’t just write it in one sentence. There’s so much!!

An inclusive and safe community for young people in Aotearoa so they can fully express themselves

It is my personal hide-out space to get my mind off of everyday life

The warmest heart in New Zealand


Zeal is one of the most safe and understanding places in New Zealand with outstanding and caring staff that I’m glad to call my friends

Why do you come back?

Zeal and the members of Zeal was the first place I ever felt welcome by people and felt loved and appreciated"

The people who go to Zeal and the people who work at Zeal are my Whānau and it’s like my other home. I go back because I love it"

It is an inviting space with kind youth workers and feelings of whānau and hapori"

Zeal helps teens now days to get away from bad stuff and to be surrounded by people who care and take you in as their own family its gangsta and I love being there"

I like the vibe of the atmosphere. It’s a place I feel safe to be who I am"

They are an amazing group of people who have time to listen to those struggling with mental health and also find time to connect with us digitally especially during lockdown"

It’s like a second home at Zeal not only just people I attend course with but family, the environment is safe and comfortable we all get along I love it. The teachers are all basically auntys and uncles 😂"

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