'Ataraxia' exhibition empowers Hamilton youth through photography

"If young people leave the programme feeling more confident, and understanding themselves more - well, I think that's the point."

Meet the family: Devon Welch, Kāpiti Event Manager

"Service to others is one of the most noblest causes that one can ever undertake. The energy of today's youth is an amazing thing."

Annual REVOLUTION tour hits 28 NZ high schools in two weeks

Zeal and Freshmans Dance Crew came together to bring a message of hope to high schools.

Safer Communities Together: Zeal, local police and a ton of coffee

With word spreading among young people about our afternoon hangs and events, Zeal Kāpiti is coming alive.

Rangatahi shine on and off the stage at Zeal Wellington open mic night

We had first time performers, some that have had a go, and some epic seasoned young people woo us with their incredible voices and skills.

Zeal Hamilton collabs with YWCA for youth photography workshop

"We want to ensure every young Hamiltonian has the opportunity to discover more about themselves and their creative passions."

Join our annual #LiveForTmw Check-in to celebrate life

Join our 10 day social media challenge in the lead up to World Suicide Prevention Day.

Zeal crew hits Rotorua for annual Hui, mafia, and luging

"We’re more than just an organisation - we’re a family of creative misfits, dedicated to young people and each other."

New youth centre in Kāpiti comes alive in first month

After the official opening in July, it's been a whirlwind of youth led events and activities.

Young people in the Hutt battle it out in post Rockquest bash

The Post Rock Quest Bash was a showdown between Hutt Valley’s best young bands.






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