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Wellington young people celebrated at Coexistence 2018

Alongside Exhibition Coexistence, Zeal ran Coexist – a Wellington Youth Coexistence Event on March 17th in Waitangi Park. It was such a great day, everything ran smoothly, and all the performances were top notch!

There were 6 acts with 18 young performers, all delivered a diverse, energetic, and exciting performance. There were also some incredible young people involved in the process, there were 5 young people who helped plan the event, and 8 young people who helped make it happen on the day. The experience the young people gained from those hours that were put in to make it happen has been a great learning curve that will add skills to their future volunteering and employment pursuits.

The only downside to this event was the weather, something no one could have predicted, but one that we were prepared for. It was significantly colder that previous days and there were strong winds, which made a few problems for us!

We had about 220 people who were engaged with the events, and a whole lot more passersbys that got to enjoy this event.

Overall this event was a success, and one we were proud of. We were thrilled that young people of Wellington got the opportunity to be a part of Exhibition Coexistence, and that we could put on an entertaining event for this beautiful city. Imagine if the weather didn’t hold us back! We want to thank Exhibition Coexistence for letting Zeal be a part of this, and to the Wellington Council for all of the support they put behind the exhibition.

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