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Wellington young people take action to put a stop to modern slavery

Programmes at Zeal Wellington have been such a blast this year! We have been so privileged to have so many incredible students who are pumped on learning new creative skills, and seeing real social change in Aotearoa.

Last month, we celebrated 18 young people who graduated from our courses in Event Leadership, Live Sound Engineering, and Barista. 

The students in the Barista course have been working in our social enterprise cafe, Stories Espresso Bar, for the last 10 weeks, learning how to make that perfect brew. Some of them will continue to do some more days in the cafe over summer, so if you’re in Wellington come grab a cup!

The Event Leadership students planned an epic and informative event called Girls Not Wives, where they partnered with World Vision and the work they are doing to highlight the issue of underage girls being forced into marriage in different parts of the world. They had VR viewers to watch a short documentary and signed letters to send to the Minister of Trade to try and introduce a modern slavery Act in New Zealand. They spent the term planning this event and it was such a win!

The Live Sound students got busy learning all they can about set up, mixing and packing down sound equipment. They learned a little about lighting and videography too! The students had opportunities to practice what they learned at live events.

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“If you want a 9-5 job, this isn’t for you, but living a life in the service of others is the most fulfilling thing you will ever do.”

We had first time performers, some that have had a go, and some epic seasoned young people woo us with their incredible voices and skills.