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West Auckland’s freshest talent perform at Zeal’s ‘Connect’ showcase

One of our favourite parts of the job is seeing the journey of a young person going from having an interest in a skill to performing front of a crowd. This is the cornerstone of the programmes that we run here at Zeal – the shift from interest to passion, from passion to performance, and from performance to profession.

At the end of every Programme we run at Zeal West, we have an evening where the young people who have completed their classes can showcase their work to their peers, friends and family. 

‘Connect’ incorporates students from our Photography, Art Murals, Hip Hop, and Songwriting Programmes to demonstrate what they have picked up during the 10 week course.

On Friday 7th July, over 160 people turned up to see their city’s next generation of talent display their art in the cafe area and perform on the main stage at our West Auckland venue.

“I think the reception was just right,” says Justin, a young person in the Songwriting class. “When you have young people putting themselves out there, using art as a medium of expression, it’s important that there not be too many eyes, but also not too few. The people attending was just right, and their energy was fantastic as well.”
“I think the exhibition format helps remove some of the vulnerability you feel as a performer, and is a great way for people to bridge that gap in the introductory stage of learning to perform in front of an audience.”
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