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Why do you dress so badly? Ethical fashion with Zeal

In conjunction with World Vision, the Zeal Gateway Event Management students put together an Ethical Fashion night in Wellington aimed at finding out where our clothes really come from.
The night kicked off with a young acoustic performer, with lots of food and general good vibes. James Harris, the Community Engagement Manager from World Vision New Zealand guided us through a discussion on what it looks like to live a just life – including how we dress.
There was a lot of fun when each table was given a bag of clothing & had 10 minutes to create a new outfit.
As the night went on, a panel discussed their own personal journeys of engaging in the ethical fashion discussion: Anna Reeve, who set a year long challenge to buy less clothing; Elliot Taylor, who shared about what engaging in ethical fashion looks like for him; and Hayley Rosser, Recycled Fashion enthusiast.
The event ended with encouraging the crowd to pick up a copy of the Ethical Fashion Guide, a resource put together by Tearfund that grades local brands on ethical practices in their supply chains.

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