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Zeal launches ‘Good Vibes: Your guide to alcohol-free events’

In association with the team at Health Promotion Agency, Zeal has just launched the Good Vibes Guide – an interactive guide for anyone who is looking to organise a successful alcohol-free event for young people. 

The Good Vibes Guide’s fancy new website, zeal.nz/goodvibes, includes videos, blogs, templates and a downloadable guide for running events.

“Since Zeal launched in 1999, we have been running successful alcohol-free youth events” says James Harris, a Project Manager for Zeal. “In that time we have seen the power of events to positively engage young people. We have distilled all of our events expertise into The Good Vibes Guide, so that others can run their own events and take them to the next level.”

Zeal’s Good Vibes Gurus share their insights on event planning, production, event safety and finances in a series of videos and blogs – including Nate Telford, the madman behind Zeal’s Event Box, Sarah Van’t Hof, the Director of Beaut Events and Ollie Nelson, the Director of Red Frogs NZ.

Another contributor to the guide has been Grace Stratton, 18, a music enthusiast and blogger.


“We need to make efforts to change the way young people perceive alcohol,” she says. “The first step to seeing this happen is to provide alternatives, like going to see live music, creating safe spaces for youth and amping up the all-ages gig scene, and then I think we’ll create a gradual cultural shift away from drinking.”

Read more from the Good Vibes blog:

Alcohol-free is healthier on so many levels: preventing damage to developing brains, reducing the level of violence, reducing the risk of attendees drinking and driving before and after the event.

“With all ages gigs and events we’re not just developing an industry – we’re also investing in the lives of the next generation – and there is no work that is more important than that.”